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Wellness With Clo.

With the winter months drawing in, your immunity should remain a top priority to set you up for the colder days so that you are in the best possible condition to fight off the common cold or flu virus. It is the perfect time to slow down a little and restorative movements in Pilates are useful around this time.

Did you know that Pilates by its very design is one big boost for the immune system? Essentially every movement in Pilates aids in the movement of the lymphatic system in your body, which is your innate immune system, helping you to stay healthy and strong.

Diaphragmatic Breathing:

A Natural Antidote to Stress

Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the main principles of pilates and plays an important role in boosting your immune system with many benefits spanning from helping you to relax to lowering your blood pressure and improving your core stability.

Follow these simple instructions:

Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Breathe in for a few counts, you should experience the air moving through your nostrils, into your abdomen and ribs expanding those areas whilst the chest remains relatively still. Purse your lips and exhale the air slowly for a few counts.






Breathe, Stretch, Move.

Our private pilates classes are designed with a clear purpose: to strengthen your core, fire up your heart and to have you feeling physically and emotionally transformed from within.

No matter your age, gender, shape or level of fitness, our private sessions are perfect for increasing your health and wellbeing, reducing stress, recovering from injury or improving your sporting performance.

Initial Assessment & 2 x 1:1 Sessions start at £100





With our busy lifestyle it can be challenging to find time for ourselves. Virtual lessons are a great way to fit in some “self-care” from the comfort and safety of your own home, office, or travel destination. No need to worry about travel time, weather disruptions, or finding child care. Online lessons allow you to fit movement back into your life on your terms.

1:1 Sessions start at £55


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