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In Studio and Virtual Private Pilates

Tailored sessions will help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. During your initial assessment we will discuss with you your medical history, your individual needs and goals so that your teacher can design a programme specific to you.

The equipment and exercises will improve your posture overall strength and flexibility. One of the great benefits of private sessions is you have the teacher’s undivided attention which is ideal for anyone with a pre-existing condition such as back, neck or general joint pain.Our sessions are designed to help you become more aware of your body and assist in your rehabilitation to healthy movement.

The reformer and tower will provide you with stability whilst being able to feel your muscles working through the springs challenging you in a supported manner. The spine corrector helps open up the middle back and tight hips often caused by sitting in a chair throughout the day.

With regular practise you can expect the following results:


  • Recover from injury

  • Pain free

  • Connect your mind & body

  • Improved body awareness & technique

  • Improved strength and flexibility

  • Improved posture

  • Better definition in your arms, legs and butt

Available to everyone regardless of age, gender, physical ability or injury.

In Studio:

Initial Assessment & 2 x 1:1 Sessions: £100

(For new clients only)

1:1 Session: £70

10 x 1:1 Sessions: £650

15 x 1:1 Sessions: £927.50

20 x 1:1 Sessions: £1200

All sessions are 1 hour long

Virtual pilates?

Enjoy pilates from the comfort of your home with our virtual zoom sessions!

1:1 Session: £55 

10 x 1:1 Sessions: £505 

20 x 1:1 Sessions: £1010 

All sessions are 1 hour long


Packages: In Studio / Virtual